EdenRoc Brands

EdenRoc Sciences is a privately-held biotechnology company formed to cultivate world-class life sciences start-up companies. EdenRoc specializes in enabling efficient translation of top tier academic and government science into technologies which provide novel and cutting-edge research tools, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.

Astrea Forensics, LLC is a biotechnology company focused on applying the most advanced DNA technology to forensics casework. Astrea offers services to law enforcement and related agencies for recovering, sequencing, and genotyping DNA from degraded forensics samples that fail conventional testing. The product provides a genome-wide solution for investigative genetic genealogy.

Cantata Bio is a recently formed parent to two commercial stage subsidiaries, Dovetail Genomics and Arc Bio. Cantata Bio is a multiomics tools company that delivers powerful, novel NGS-based products and services. Their goal is to enable researchers and clinicians to solve tomorrow’s most challenging scientific problems, from human disease to agricultural sustainability. Key competencies include integrated metagenomic workflows for microbial detection and quantification and unique long-range sequencing assays that deliver industry-leading genome assembly, phasing, chromatin structure and epigenomics.

Claret Bioscience, LLC is a commercial stage biotechnology company that has developed two novel and highly effective technologies for improving Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based discovery from cell-free DNA. The company was formed in 2017 with a mission to provide NGS tools and software that exploit novel signals discovered at the native termini of DNA fragments, including in single DNA strands, for use in liquid biopsy.

Delavie Sciences is a pioneer in cutting-edge ingredients and products for the consumer care industry.  Delavie’s premiere ingredient, Bacillus Lysate, was derived from a unique, biological isolate that survived prolonged exposure on the exterior of the International Space Station.   When incorporated into sunscreen has shown to significantly increase the sun protection factor (SPF) of the formulation.    It has also demonstrated antioxidant properties which may make an ideal active ingredient in a novel anti-aging serum.

Metro International Biotech is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that has established the most comprehensive portfolio of propriety NAD+ boosters in the world.  Metro is developing these compounds to treat a range of diseases including rare mitochondrial diseases, COVID-19, and acute kidney injury.  Metro’s drugs may address broader patient populations suffering from renal failure, ophthalmic diseases, liver injury, ischemic injuries, or neuromuscular disorders.  Since its founding, Metro International Biotech has built a world class, highly collaborative team of leading NAD+ experts, with extensive clinical and corporate experience, as well as in related fields such as metabolic pathways, drug development and manufacturing, molecular biology, isotopic labeling and nucleoside chemistry.

Revere Biosensors

Revere Biosensors, LLC is a biotechnology IP holding company with technology related to novel microarray design, fabrication, and use.  Revere’s technology is based on Illumina’s bead array technology with enhancements on speed and cost that enable rapid point-of-care-detection and characterization of organisms including pathogens and microbiomes.


UpRNA, LLC is an IP holding company with technology aimed to enable researchers working on experimental RNA therapeutics to design and synthesize short RNAs affordably and on demand, removing a significant cost barrier in the development of these therapeutics. Short interfering RNA (siRNA) is showing great promise as a therapeutic for many diseases, as well as having great potential in the agricultural market.