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Solar Protection Via Space

Learn how a unique biological isolate, obtained from a national government space exploration agency, affords significant UV shielding properties. This new ingredient has the ability to absorb broad spectrum UV and is also a safe, environmentally friendly, natural biological technology that provides both industry and clinicians with a breakout capability.

AI’s Role in Deep Space

Long-term human space travel faces many challenges but also create great opportunity for innovation. Learn how the translation of large AI datasets collected during space flights are being used to support the discoveries in all aspects of healthcare, including prediction, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

In the Media

​The True Cost of Diabetic Foot Complications

Learn how the five year mortality and direct patient costs compare between people with diabetic foot complications and people with cancer.

A Spur to the Biotech Century Ahead

Learn how the effort to defeat coronavirus is focusing attention on a new generation of scientific pioneers

​Space4U Podcast: José Morey – Intergalactic Doctor

Meet Dr. José Morey, a Fellow of the Eisenhower Foundation, as he describes the work being done at Liberty Biosecurity.

Alzheimer’s May One Day Be Predicted During Eye Exams

Learn how researchers are using technology similar to what is found in many eye doctor’s offices to identify Alzheimer’s in patients that have yet to exhibit symptoms of the disease.

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EdenRoc Sciences is a privately-held biotechnology company formed to cultivate world-class life sciences start-up companies. EdenRoc specializes in enabling efficient translation of top tier academic and government science into technologies which provide novel and cutting-edge research tools, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.

Astrea Forensics

Apply the most advanced DNA technology to forensics casework.

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Claret Bioscience

Improve Next-Generation Sequencing based discovery from cell-free DNA.

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Delavie Sciences

Gain access to cutting-edge ingrediants and products for the consumer care industry.

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Cantata Bio

Utilize multiomics tools for powerful NGS-based products and services.

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Learn about our comprehensive portfolio of propriety NAD boosters.

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Revere Biosensors

Technology for novel microarray design and use.

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Obtain affordable and on demoan short interfering RNA (siRNA).

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