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DNA databases are too white. This man aims to fix that.

In the 15 years since the Human Genome Project first exposed our DNA blueprint, vast amounts of genetic data have been collected from millions of people in many different parts of the world. Carlos D. Bustamante’s job is to search that genetic data for clues to everything from ancient history and human migration patterns to the reasons people with different ancestries are so varied in their response to common diseases.

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Genetics: An Emerging Global Threat

At a recent private gathering in Virginia of leading biologists and geneticists, an unusual topic of conversation was the specific date of November 3, 1988. It was on that date that MIT graduate student, Robert Morris, launched the first malware attack on a system that was unknown to more than 99 percent of the world’s population. The system was the Internet, and Morris left an indelible dark mark on arguably the greatest innovation of our time.

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