Arlington, Virginia, May 15, 2018 -- Liberty BioSecurity, LLC a privately held entity dedicated to the development of cutting edge capabilities across the life sciences, today announced their intent to work together with Thailand-based Charoen Pokphand Group’s (CP Group) newly formed CP Medical Center (CPMC) division on the development and implementation of a next generation health data platform and systems for the benefit of the population of Thailand.

The partnership will seek to combine the capabilities of both partners to bring about 1) Precision Population Health for understudied populations across Asia, 2) the implementation of a Diagnostic Management Team to improve diagnosis accuracy and efficiency and 3) to develop an AI ready Digital Health Data System capable of providing early warning of disease and drive innovative preventive medicine.

The directionality of the future of medicine is clear and individualized precision medicine will be the dominant feature and preventive medicine will be powered through the exploitation of health monitoring technologies, the “big data” that comes from them, and advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Within the next decade, the treatment of cancer and other diseases will be increasingly dominated by individualized strategies.  Synthetic augmentation of patients’ own immune systems and bio-engineering of their microbiomes are two examples of such strategies.   In addition, drugs that postpone or ameliorate age-related disease will also become widely available. 

This future will be dependent upon the convergence of innovative medical practitioners, national-level policy makers, and business leaders that will merge their capabilities to define the future of human health for billions across the globe.

For countries such as Thailand, there is now a window of opportunity to leapfrog several generations of medical technology and practices. Within the next decade, access to advanced genomic medicine, currently the purview of just a wealthy few, will proliferate and become universally accessible to everyone.

About Liberty BioSecurity LLC

The Liberty BioSecurity Team is comprised of world-class scientists, physicians and national security practitioners that together develop cutting edge capabilities across the life sciences. Founded in 2014, Liberty BioSecurity is a privately held entity, is a founding member of the EdenRoc Sciences family of companies and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.