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World Congress 5th Annual Predictive Analytics in Health Care Summit

Implement AI into Organizational Strategy to Dream Bigger and Sharpen Competitive Edge

We are all patients. As health care users, we’ve come to expect the same level of seamlessness from health care experiences as we see in everyday consumer experiences. Innovations in AI can supercharge your impact and create more meaningful interactions. Consider what an experience can achieve without the typical restrictions and limitations of application and adoption in health care. Innovate your outlook and uncover how to arm health heroes with the AI technology and expertise they need to power thriving organizations, support vibrant communities, and solve health challenges for people everywhere.

  • Discuss big picture industry goals and discover where leaders like IBM plan to take AI to inspire better health care
  • Uncover how AI can improve experiences for health care consumers, ensure ROI, and improve the human condition
  • Explore the future opportunities and linkage to IoT and blockchain
  • Prepare healthcare systems to incorporate machine learning and glean insights from the leading edge of ML tech



José Morey, MD
Chief Medical Innovation Officer
Liberty Biosecurity


Mark Michalski, MD
Executive Director
MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science