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SIIM Webinar: Cannot Rule Out AI - Correlate Clinically

Webinar Details

Deep learning is rapidly advancing, and it's a much better technology than previous approaches to medical image analysis.

The present and the future in which AI plays an important role in radiology will be evaluated during this webinar. Radiology practices will benefit from smart systems that aid in image interpretation, but there are many more aspects to a practice that AI will also play a role in. The state of AI within radiology will also be discussed, both within and beyond image interpretation, creating the first augmented specialty.

Webinar Objectives

  1. Review the state of AI in medical imaging interpretation.
  2. Examine the state of AI beyond imaging diagnostics.
  3. Discuss the progress of deep learning.
  4. Evaluate the future of AI in radiology.



Jose Morey, MD
Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
Medical Technology & AI Advisor, NASA iTech



Justine Kemp, MD, MBA
Diagnostic Radiology Resident
UT Southwestern Medical School